F6 Club San Diego
F6ix offers a hip-dining alternative for downtown denizens!

Restaurant Hours: Friday - Saturday 9pm-10:30pm

Cheese Pizza: Slice - $4 / Pie - $23
Pepperoni Pizza: Slice - $5 / Pie - $25
Tequila Lime Wings with Tator Tots or Crinkle Cut Fries - $17
Honey BBQ Wings with Tator Tots or Crinkle Cut Fries - $17
Beef Meatballs with Tator Tots or Crinkle Cut Fries - $17

Effective January 2017, we have implemented a 3% surcharge to help pay for the increased costs associated with new and ever growing state and local government regulations. After much deliberation we believed this was the most reasonable and fair option, in lieu of increasing prices, reducing staffing and service levels, or eliminating some employee benefits and incentives. On behalf of our hard working and dedicated team, we appreciate your ongoing support and thank you for your understanding as we strive to deliver the same high quality product and service you have come to expect.
For more information or any questions please feel free to ask for a manager or call 619.955.5750.